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About us

Mercury leisure was formed way back in 1987 by Brendan after his former co director of mercury leisure manufacturing ltd passed away

Brendan ( Aka bod) has been in the amusement business since leaving college at 18, working for companies such as British amusement services, Coinmaster and several independent operators serving the local pub and club trade.

Qualifications include HND electronics/telecomunications and a long marketing and promoting career. With a passion for all things electronic,automated widgets and gadgets, and some relaxing microlight flying when time permits.

With a great passion for his work, can often be found asleep at office desk in the early hours

! His motto: "perfection is achievable" usually following it with "see me for details"

He does a lot of the deliveries himself offering the full personal treatment to mercury leisure valued customers both for the love of his work and to get away from the office with its forever ringing phones and mounds of burocratic paperwork.


Stef (fatface) has worked mainly as management retail for mainly major plc like Asda etc and brought with him superb warehousing skills (big headed forklift driver). He has quickly learned (the hard way) how much different a small business works, with customer satisfaction our main priority. ' A scientist'


Clive (billy) has worked along with us on and off for the last 9 years. He has brought superb refurbishing standards to us from his 40+ years in building management. And for a guy who weighs in at under 7 stone he's like a human jcb! Although highly skilled he also gets the niggly jobs because hes the smallest. If you call to see us youl probable hear someone shout ,Get the kettle on billy!


Mark owns his own bespoke joinery business serving discerning customers. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the manufacturing section. If its not up to standard it doesnt leave us! Only the best for our customers!


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