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American pool tables & accessories

Intro: The differences between UK and American pool tables:

Pool tables in UK use a "league size pocket" which has been standardised by all UK manufacturers to use a 2" ball. It is played on either a 7ft or 6ft overall length table. UK pool tables have been standardised to use a square section cushion rail rubber. Normally supplied with solid colour red or blue and yellow balls but can be supplied with spots and stripes to play American pool more commonly known as 8 ball. Uk pool tables are normally fitted with a napped (directional speed control cloth which allows the ball speed to be controlled better and more skillfully)

American pool tables differ in having much larger pockets, normally played on either a 9ft or 8ft overall length table, use a larger ball size typically 2 1/4" and also a larger cue ball. American pool is normally played on "speed cloth" which gives no ball speed control .American pool uses a triangular shape cushion rubber. The tables are normally marked with just two spots for ball alignment and also have 3 sight markers per cushion sunk into the top frame which can be either nylon or as favoured on more expensive tables, mother of pearl.

The main games are known as 8 ball or 9 ball. Its a much less skillful (arguably) game than the UK pool, basically whack the ball and its bound to end up in a pocket! This game is also commonly found around Europe, favored in holiday resorts such as France, Spain and Portugal due to its faster "game over"

Manufacturers of American tables include SAMS, Brunswick, Dynamo etc.

Normally we have a few 8 and 9ft reconditioned tables in stock ready for covering in the customers choice of cloth colour. Please note the delivery charge is more expensive on these larger tables due to size and weight. Also many of these tables use multiple doweled slates which must be covered and levelled at final location, Only to be done by a competent pool table fitter. Exceptions do exist in the form of superleague (no longer trading) manhattan tables and the smaller dynamo tables which use a one piece slate (weight approx 180 kg) which definitely requires specialist handling and fitting, One piece slate tables can be supplied pre covered by us before delivery in your colour choice.

Mecury Used American pool table stock:

Dynamo 8' Black ash cabinet with canary yellow trim. cloth colour Black speedball non napped £1295 (overall size 7ft9 by 4ft4)

Superleague manhattan 8' Black ash cabinet, 1 piece 19mm slate, Pre leveling system to accurately set slate. Cabinets usually scratched on 1 side due to "unqualified removal by novices" Cloth colour to your requirements £1095

library photo

We also supply a huge range of "diner pool tables" which many people choose due to their dual purpose. These can have american game.

American tables often use very ornate designs which deserve the finest lighting


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