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Arcade Games and Equipment UK

ARCADE GAMES ideal for home use

ARCADE MANIA Upright & Sitdown

Over 150 all-time favourite arcade games packed into just one fantastic machine. The ultimate in retro cool for everyone in the family – old & young alike – providing endless hours of exciting action & fun. Available in upright or sit-down models.

arcade mani cabinet control panel detail

• No assembly – just plug in & play
• Digital sound, spectacular colour & dynamic graphics provide a superior playing experience
• Scroll down the on-screen menu with joystick for quick & easy selection of games
• Instantly exit & reselect new games in a flash
• Pause button allows for interruptions – enabling games to be finished off at another time
• Control panel has 1 or 2 players option
• Perfect addition for the home, games room or workplace

Upright version £1575

• Professionally crafted pub-quality retro styled cabinet fitted with genuine arcade buttons & joystick controls for authenticity & reliability
• 14” high resolution colour monitor is protected by a high impact clear perspex screen
• Mains on/off & volume controls are fitted to the rear of the cabinet

Dimensions – upright

Height: 160cm
Depth: 65cm
Width: 53cm
Weight: 71kg

Good condition JAMMA cabinets 3 and 4 button available @ £295. no game, refurbished

Sit-down version

shown sit down with stools

price £1775 . add 2 matcing stools for £65

sit down control panel


• Built to the same high standards as the upright model but beautifully finished in high polish chrome and with a toughened glass top
• Mains on/off & volume controls are fitted under the cabinet
• Dual-sided button consoles for 1 or 2 players option
• Optional chrome swivel stools available as a pair
• Branding can easily be added in various positions for promotional & marketing use on the glass top or around the cabinet sides
• Doubles as a functional coffee table when not in use


Dimensions – sit-down

Height: 56cm
Width: 74cm
Length: 105cm
Weight: 51kg

Games List:

Power Soccer Onyanko Town Raid on Bay Sasa
Doughboy Moon Cresta Route 16 Tiger-Heli
F1 Race Phoenix Mach Rider Island 2
Boxing Arkanoid Spartan X Calculate
Wrestle Contra Pooyan Super Chinese
Popeye Street Fighter Geimos Volguard II
Ninja I Spy Hunter Thexder Penguin
Ninja II Spy vs Spy Challenger Baltron
Ninja III Elevator Action Clu Clu Land Peepar Time
Combat Gradius Twinbee Star Luster
Mario Bros Hydlide Balloon Fight Aso
Badminton Space Hunter Cross Fire Babel
World Cup Soccer B-Wings Binary Land Metro-Cross
Baseball Double Strike Galg Sky Kid
Tennis Sky Destroyer Jewelry Jajamaru
Wrecking Crew Bomber Man Star Force Quarth
Lode Runner Duck Eggs Exerion Solomon Key
Lode Runner 2 Magmax Formation-Z F15 City War
Golf The New Type Macross Transformation
Dr Mario Contra Force Circus Charlie Banana
Mickey Mouse Heavy Barrel Zippy Race Lotlot
Ice Hockey Wan Wan Panic Nuts & Milk Bokosuka Wars
Pro Wrestling Choplifter Chitei Fight Gyruss
Volleyball Legend Kage Front Line Urusei
Track & Field Kung Fu Antarctic Adventure Missile Comand
Paper Boy Star Soldier Urban Champion Space Aliens
Spelunker Argus Flappy Pinball
Seicross Aladin Joust Multi Labyrinth
Double Dragon Goonies Knights Fight 1942
Scramble Lunar Ball Karateka 100m Dash
Flipull Exed Exes City Connection Long Jump
Alpine Ski Excitebike Door Door 100m Hurdles
Arabian Son Son 10-Yard Fight Brush Roller
80 Days Road Fighter Soccer High Jump
Star Gate Turtle 5 Othello Javelin
Bowling Max Warrior Lolo Skeet Shoot
Pandamar Sqoon Ice Climber Triple Jump
Asteroyds Gyrodine Chack Pop Archery
Bomb Jack Tank 90 Devil World

As you can see. all the old favourites are included!

PENNY ARCADE (allwin machines, reproduction)


Beautifully crafted authentic penny arcade machines in 3 different versions – 9-Cup, Lucky 7 & Strike. Sturdy wooden cabinet with all-metal mechanical parts, wall mounted or freestanding, money return & free go when winning, separate cashbox.
Dimensions: H: 88cm x W: 51cm x D: 19cm
Weight: 17kg

Price £325

9 cup lucky 7

we also have some original machines in stock, solid oak cabinets. very collectable from £500 up. please enquire.

We specialise in supply of large dedicated equipment, although smaller arcade type machines are available for premises with normal door openings.

Air Hockey

Riley Table Football

So whether you're looking for simulators, driving games, air hockey tables, football tables, claw grab cranes, pushers, or anything else fun orientated or coin operated, we can supply it.

Arcade Games and Equipment UK

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Arcade Games and Equipment UK