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Pool, Snooker and bar billiard Ball Sets from Aramith,Superpro,kelly,Master,dpt,

Please scroll down to see all ball sets we stock.

Mercury leisure stock "everything for your games room"

Pool balls 2" UK size

American pool balls. Spots & Stripes (stripes and solids)

spots and stripes

A good quality spot and stripe ball set. 15 numbered 2" balls complete with 1 7/8" cue ball. Suitable for all the pool tables we sell and virtually every british pub style table manufactured. £29

2" ball size for use on UK pocket size tables £29 ideal for home use

2" Aramith pro quality set £49

2 1/16 " size for use on american pocket size tables (please specify cue ball size required)£39

Red and Yellow ball set

red n yellow balls

Red and yellow ball set. 7 red,7 yellow, black 8 ball and cue ball. Standard 2" British size. Suitable for all British pub style tables and all tables we sell. 1 7/8 cue ball included.

Budget set £20 ideal for home use

Aramith Pro quality balls. special offer £34.(normally£49)


Blue and Yellow ball set

blue yellow balls for pool

Blue and yellow ball set. Standard 2" size for all our tables. Includes 7 blue, 7 yellow, black 8 ball and 1 7/8" cue ball

Budget set £29.Ideal for home use

Aramith pro set also available @ £49

Specialised "marbleised" pool balls. When made the colours are swirled with white to give a fantastic marbleised look. Very different!

marbleised pool balls

Spots and stripes MARBLEIZED FINSH .UK Standard size 2" balls includes plain white cue ball. Hard to find..we have them of course! £49

(upgrade to marbelized set when ordering a table from us for £30 extra)

funky pool balls

Red and Yellows MARBLEIZED FINSH pool ball set .UK Standard size 2" balls includes plain white cue ball. Hard to find..we have them of course!

Very hard to find elsewhere! superpro good quality balls £44

(upgrade to marbelized set when ordering a table from us for £30 extra)

Snooker ball set for pool tables

snooker balls

Good Quality snooker set for use on pool tables.(10 reds for use on pool tables)

1 7/8" size so that they will be returned to player . Suitable for use with ball return tables (and coin operated UK pool tables) £29.

2" balls also available which are better for freeplay tables (same size as standard pool balls) £32

15 reds Full snooker set

2 1/16" size for full size snooker or use on larger tables £49

2" replacement 8 ball.(the most common ball pinched for use as a gearknob on an old mini) £5 new or £3 used

Replacement white cue ball 1/78" size (standard UK size) £3

Trick/Wobbly 1 7/8" cue ball. Great fun (looks identical but is off centre weighted so it wont run true) £10

Triangles for UK pool and Diamonds for 9 Ball

Rack them up!

2" size 15 ball triangle for pool-plastic £5

2" size 15 ball triangle for pool oak wood £23

2" size 15 ball triangle for pool. cherry wood £23

2 " size 9 ball Diamond . plastic £10

2 1/16" size 15 ball triangle . plastic £8

2 1/16" size 9 ball Diamond . plastic £10

All trade marks recognised and acknowledged

Postage for a pool/snooker ball set is £8 by royal mail parcels due to weight. Free delivery applies for orders over £100 of accessories

please use cues/accessories links to view all available accessories until page is finished.

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