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Dos and Donts when buying Pool tables and gamesroom equipment

To be quite frank everything that seems divine is not always so!

sometimes internet buying seems quite intense always hunting for the lowest price?? ask yourself one thing. What happens if something goes wrong?

The sweet taste of lower price is usually forgotten with bad service

We deliver weekly to everywhere in UK and hear some horrendous stories from customers who have chosen us to supply them after being let down by other suppliers. (stare at the page . see if any names jump out at you! ) Or maybe having received faulty goods which they then cannot get replaced! our motto: Perfection is achievable!

Maybe we are slightly more expensive than some, we will be here if you need us!

Our top tips

1. Make sure your supplier carries stock and is not a "drop shipper working from a bedroom" Do they have the experience and manpower to sort out the What if scenario???

Do you want your expensive, heavy purchase dumped at the roadside? in the rain? when your at work, to find its damaged by a no knowledge courier when you unpack it? (we dont do that)

2. Make sure your supplier has a business premesis. Not only will you have a comeback legally but you will also have a desk to bang on if required. We have a well stocked warehouse and purpose built offices!

3.A vat registered business so you can claim back the vat content of your purchase (if your registered of course) we are!

4. Experienced installers of equipment are required. We have over 30 years experience between us!

5. well established? We have been trading as mercury leisure since 1990.

We have a huge warehouse always full of leisure equipment. Why wait for your purchase.

You can pay on delivery by our transport if your worried about internet purchasing. We wont let you down!

Delivery on agreed days. yWe have 1000s of happy customers

We are registered with the office of fair trading and hold an all category consumer credit licence.



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