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Pool and Snooker Cloth Care

Click the above image for full cloth care instructions

Our top tip: Keep it covered- keep it clean! Make sure pool cue tips are in good condition.

A napped pool cloth will last a lot longer if treated correctly. The nap of the cloth is not vertical but slanted away from the baulk line. This gives the ball speed control in that it will run faster down the table than back toward the baulkline. If the cloth is repeatedly brushed backwards it will raise the nap and ruin the cloth, sometimes this can be remedied by ironing or blocking but is not always successfull. Always brush your table cloth as diagram above (if the nap raises the cloth hasnt been fitted correctly)

There are 2 types of cloth used on pool tables

WORSTED: napped/directional cloth (used on UK pool tables and snooker tables)

MELTON: un-napped/non directional. Very fast running , no ball control. Used mainly on US 9 ball tables.

We stock both types in standard colours, green, blue and burgundy red with custom colours available to order.

We stock all common cloth care products. See below


Cloth Brush


Keep your pool or billiard table cloth clean! 9" cloth brush with long nylon cushion bristles each end for cleaning the complete playing surface including under the cushion rails £8

12" Horsehair "professional"

Top quality horse hair brush for the perfectionist! 12" long suitable for all snooker and pool tables.Medium centre bristles, softer outer fluff bristles.Shaped for under cushion edge cleaning £19


Cloth napping iron (Dowsings iron)

Suitable for man made or pure wool pool and snooker cloth. Keep your table nap perfect with a dowsing iron. Instructions supplied.230v. £199 (please read instructions before using)

Cloth Cleaner

Helps to remove most stains and chalk marks. Spray on, agitate,brush out. See the difference! £7 per tin.

Our top tip: Keep it covered- keep it clean!

Pool table covers

Universal lightweight green pvc cover. Keeping a pool/snooker table covered when not in use is essential especially if the area is dusty or subject to sunlight. This cover is

Universal fitting up to 9 foot tables.Green lightweight £18

Heavy duty brown universal up to 9ft £21

Fitted table green covers also available 6ft or 7ft £18

7FT edge weighted cover dark green £20

6ft & 7ft blue fitted covers with spot/stripe ball print. very snazzy! £24

Really heavy duty 'leatherette' superleague 7ft only pool table cover. Brown 'leather' colour only.fully fitted stitched cover with superleague logo.The ultimate cover!


Stock colours


We supply pool cloth to refurbish your table. Looking scruffy or just fancy a change of colour? Available only in cut slate and cushion set. Colour choice of Green, Blue or Burgundy from stock. Cloth is short napped for a fast game, but not uncontrollable like a nylon speed cloth. This is the same cloth as you would get on a refurbished table from us, we use it for commercial covering so we know it lasts and plays superbly!

6ft slate and cushions £71

7ft slate and and cushions £78. (suitable for 6ft bar billiards too)

other sizes/colours and qualities can be quoted for.

BUDGET MELTON cloth.strong non napped approx 30oz. Green 7ft bed/cushion pack only £45. superb budget cloth!

Cloth glue

Dont use an inferior glue on your table! This one grabs fast and holds on! cheap contact adhesives are great when the cloth is put on, but can "let go" when ageing. Not good on a tensioned cloth! how many tables have you seen that have saggy cloth or a bent baulk line?

well worth the extra!! £9 per tin (enough to do approx 3 tables)

Click on Quotes to place an order. we will email you back a posted price!

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