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Snooker legend Steve davis playing one of our "mercury premier league tables"

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we also supply Air hockey, jukeboxes, bar billiards and pinball machines. New or refurbished.

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We stock Pool tables from every top UK manufacturer and the best imported pool tables including

Mercury pool tables Dpt pool tables, Supreme pool tables, Excel leisure pool table, Superleague pool tables, Bce pool tables, Sams pool tables, Air hockey, Riley pool tables, Simply pool tables, Gatley leisure pool tables, Mightymast football tables, Plaisance dining and pool tables, Pool table accessories, Pool table lighting, Pool cue racks, Pool cues, Pool and snooker ball sets, Snooker and Bar billiards scorers, Outdoor pool tables, New diner pool table range

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we rent to business users Pool, Bar billiards, Pinball

We stock Pinballs from Bally, Wlliams, Sega and Stern. New and second hand. Also a huge range of Pinball machine spares from stock

Refurbishing of pinball machines uk only

Pool table manufacturer, bespoke projects

Juke boxes from all top manufacturers like Nsm, Sound leisure, Rowe ami, Wurlitzer both cd and vinyl

We personally deliver larger items to the following areas weekly

Wales, England, Scotland, London, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham,Devon, Cornwall, Oxford, Ireland, Eire, Cambridge,Manchester, Sheffield, Coventry, Leicester, Chester, Isle of wight, Isle of man, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Highlands, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Warrington, Hereford, Bedford, Norfolk, Essex, Sussex, Berkshire, Bristol, Surrey, Hampshire, Lincoln, Derby, Kent, Bristol, Cardiff

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What makes a pool table play well?

The answer to this is stiffness. "For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction". Even the slightest flex in the cabinet construction causes a lowering of ball rebound force

In pool table design this can be overcome by using the following rules.

The main cabinet base must not flex - we use a T box section construction to overcome flex in the longer spans. All jointing is Glued solidly not screwed

The Top cushion rail frame must not flex - we eliminate as much of this as possible using a 14 ply laminated birch construction in our top frame (mercury ultra stiff frame)

Cushions. Must be as stiff as possible, with tight tolerance fit to the cushion frame - we use tulip hardwood cushions which will not compress under load, Bolted tightly to our ultra stiff frame. This is matched perfectly with quality rubber of just the right hardness to give a great rebound.

Slate bed. Must be low in moisture content, Flattened ny honing, well supported across full span.- Our slates are cut and planed to tight tolerance in brazil or italy (we wont use chinese slate) They are fully supported by continuous vertical framing inside the base.

Tolerances: The slate to cushion tolerance distance must be correct. All our machining is done on highly accurate cnc machinery so every part fits together so the original design criteria can be met.

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new diner pool table range

New diner range ^^^^^^

New MERCURY CUBE pool diner

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