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Sorry the importer has stopped bringing all the equipment below into the UK. so for the moment its discontinued.

Caddy Sofas

black sofa red sofa

Fantastic retro seating for home or office use. Top quality comfy vinyl seats with Cadillac side wings, complete with grille & illuminating orange & transparent lights. Moulded from a real classic 1959 Coupe de Ville Cadillac, the sofa requires a mains connection in order to illuminate the lights. Requires a minimum door width access of 93cm. Available in black or red exterior with red/black striped seats.
Dimensions: H: 91cm x W: 180cm x D: 95cm
Weight: 125kg

£1575 delivered

Gasoline Pump Storage Cabinet/Clock

large pump closedlarge pump open

Authentic looking Americana style furniture that both looks good & solves all storage problems. Battery operated clock & illuminated top on large model, store CDs, DVDs, books, videos etc. Small pump holds 160 CDs.
Dimensions (large pump above): H: 186cm x W: 61cm x D: 45cm – Weight: 42kg £469 delivered
Dimensions (small pump below ): H: 122cm x W: 46cm x D: 28cm – Weight: 21kg £259 delivered

small pump closed small pump open


Bottle Wine Cabinet

wine bottle open wine bottle closed

An unusual way of storing wine that will certainly hit the right note amongst wine connoisseurs. Holds 32 bottles, space for at least 18 wine glasses stored upside down & is ideal for parties & social gatherings.
Dimensions: H: 184cm x W: 53cm x D: 53cm
Weight: 60kg £539 delivered

Sarcophagus Storage Cabinet

mummy cabinet. woman not included! open the mummy

A novel way to tidy up! 16 shelves of inside storage, holds up to 300 CDs & will also store DVDs, videos & books.
Dimensions: H: 192cm x W: 53cm x D: 53cm
Weight: 57kg £569 delivered

Double Bass Storage Cabinet

double bass closed double bass open

A stylish storage solution that looks good enough to play! Holds up to 265 CDs, 6 shelves of inside storage & also stores DVDs, books & videos.
Dimensions: H: 188cm x W: 76cm x D: 46cm
Weight: 34kg £469 delivered

Piano Wine Rack & CD Holder

piano cd rack piano wine rack

Two great storage ideas for music fans everywhere. Available in both CD rack & wine rack. Storage cabinet holds up to 168 CDs & wine rack holds 16 bottles.
Dimensions CD holder: H: 104cm x W: 41cm x D: 26cm – Weight: 21kg £250
Dimensions wine rack: H: 122cm x W: 36cm x D: 34cm – Weight: 20kg £250

prices are including delivery

Telephone Box Wine Cabinet

phone box closed phone box open

Quintessentially English! Perfect for parties & social gatherings as well as being a great addition to any home interior. 24 bottle storage, pull-out drawer shelf, overhead wine glass storage, back mirror & illuminated interior.
Dimensions: H: 183cm x W: 76cm x D: 42cm
Weight: 70kg £539 delivered

All of the above furniture is quoted with direct courier delivery included. Delivery usually within 7 days.

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