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We have pinball machines available, Please contact us if you cannot see the title your looking for. quotation.

Please note. we do not stock pre 1990 models for a good reason. These earlier models did not have full diagnostics which for public or home use make them a bit of a nightmare should they stop working! all machines we sell have diagnostics which will show any faults on the display when the door is opened. they will also recalibrate the game to keep functioning with minor faults. Pinballs are supplied with backbox folded and legs removed for access through standard doorways(30" required for most). What we mean by a refurbished machine click here

We also have many stock spare parts and upgrades for your pinball click here

Just in


Current stock:

addams family £5995


Demolition man £3895
Roadshow £4050
Mario andretti £1995
Congo £4995
Funhouse £8000
Star Trek next generation £4895
Revenge from mars £4895

lost world £2995


in the last couple of years pinball prices have rocketed! there is a lot of rubbish being sold on ebay etc for way over what its worth and still requires days of work to bring them to good playing standard

buyer beware!



goldeneye pinball


Based on the bond film. Quite a rare one! Made by sega pinball. Great features , great sounds. A later pinball made by sega. Features great sounds and good fast game play. Suitable for young to mature players. Full dot matrix display with full auto diagnostics (quite a rare one)


Star Trek Next Generation Pinball

star trek next generationClick the image for more info

A classic pintable based on the Star Trek tv series. Fantastic sounds and voice as the game plays.Features full dot matrix display, multicoin acceptance,6 ball multiball feature,full auto fault diagnostics. contact us for more information and pictures.

please note. this is one of the most complex playfields on pinballs and recommended only for those who enjoy small repairs as well as playing


Demolition Man Pinball

demolition manClick the image for more details and pictures

Based on the Stalone film of the same name. Features easy to play ramp shots, full dot matrix display, multiball, fantastic sounds and voice synthesis including plenty of quotes from the film. Full auto fault diagnostics.Remember the film?? this pinball gets you right in on the action! fully cleaned and workshopped

Tales From The Crypt Pinball

tales from the crypt Click the image for further info


Roadshow pinball

roadshow pinball

An excellent pinball themed on an american roadworks team. Brilliant sounds and hilarious voice quotes make this a really fun pinball to play. Full dot matrix display with video mode included in the game. Multiball feature and lots of moving parts on the playfield will keep you coming back for more!

Theatre of magic pinball

theatre of magic pinball Click the image for more details and images

Probably the most feature packed pinball ever made. At first glance this machine looks a bit bland, but start playing and find all of the hidden features..balls stop, balls jump up, trap doors open. Fantastic voice commentry by the magician and his assistant. wow! features dot matrix display and full auto diagnostics. Great multiball feature but also has simple ramp shots for the novice. One of my favourites to play

Funhouse pinball


Great fun with Rudy the talking head being obnoxious and funny as you play. Great pinball with lots of features including a trap door shot

.Lots of skill shots, great speech and sounds make this a sought after and collectable pinball (uses later technology diagnostics but older type displays)

one only with new playfield overlay, fully cleaned,rubbered and tested latest program with upgraded sounds and finale light show,

outer cabinet a bit tired and a few cracked playfield plastics (doesnt affect game)playfield 8/10,cabinet condition

The Flintstones Pinball


A brilliantly simple pinball packed with lots of features. Features all the characters from the FLINTSTONES film. Full running commentry from fred(john goodman)and barney as you play. Features multiball, spinning machine and easy ramp shots. Full dot matrix display and auto diagnostics. Brilliant fun for all the family!

Revenge From Mars Pinball

revenge from mars

This must be the most complex piece of pinball wizardry ever seen.Only 2 machines were ever built like this, and this is by far the best! A totally new dimension... Based on the film revenge from mars, beat the alien invasion. Features a fast action packed pinball with video superimposed on the upper playfield from a monitor in the backbox.Try shooting the aliens off their bar stools while theyre partying! This just has to be seen to be believed! With the video mode the playfield comes alive with moving film charectors and features. Complemented by superb sound and voice synthesis.Can you save the world? Full diagnostics. Must be the hardest to find pinball and almost definately the most sought after!

The Twilight zone pinball

the twilight zone pinball Click image for more details


The Getaway pinball

A classic pinball with a superb ball accelerator feature... watch as the ball enters and speed up . absolutely amazing! Easy to play ramp shots, superb sounds, plenty of flashing lights! Features dot matrix display and full diagnostics. Quite rare!


The Adams Family pinball

taf Click the flyer for more info and pictures

This is the one everyone wants! But you just can't seem to get! Features based on the film with gomez and trish with thing lending a hand! easy ramp shots, hidden features, moving bookcase, thing ball locker, multiball and magic ball pulling magnets under playfield make this a game where you never know whats going to happen! plenty of features but still easy to play. (the first of the dot matrix machines)rare! rare! rare!






If you wish to own the ULTIMATE in pinball history just let us know your budget and we will prepare you an addams family to your spec..approx 2 weeks delivery time



Adams gold. wow!


Lethal Weapon 3 pinball

lethat weapon pinball

Based on the lethal weapon film. Action packed game with great voice quotes and music. Easy ramp shots, lots of flashing lights and multiball features, dot matrix display with diagnostics. One of the best data east games made. Very hard to find a good one these days.

Attack from Mars pinball


This is one of the best ever pinballs! Definately most requested.Based on the spoof film attack from mars. Great music sounds and voices. Great fun for young or old with its easy ramp shots,multiball and superb theme.Protect the world from the alien invasion, blow up the spaceship with superb strobe light feature. make the martions shake, the space ship rock and laugh your socks off at some of the quotes! Lots of lights and targets. Features dot matrix display, full auto diagnostics. Try finding one of these elsewhere!!!!



NO FEAR pinball

no fear no fear

no fear features

Manufactured by williams pinball . Artwork by freres..Based on extreme sports. What a game! Lots of features, great sounds and voice synthesis. very hard to come by a nice tidy one like this! Narrated by skullhead with moving jaw as he speaks. Lots of very fast ramps with very fast ball returns.. you have to be good to get the high score on this one! Features motor racing, motorcross , white watering and skydiving features. Fast action and feature packed..


Star Wars Trilogy pinball



Guess what this one is based on?? All three star wars movies rolled into one superb pinball machine! Fast action but easy to play.. with all the voices,great explosion sounds and original score music. Easy ramp shots, moving guns and space ship fighters. All presented in the new sega SHOWCASE 10th anniversary cabinet. Condition 9/10. collect ,collect , collect!



lost world pinballlost world pinball

lost world playfield

Based on the jurassic park film. Superb sounds and features. Presented in the Sega showcase cabinet. In superb condition.Features superb sound, voice and music. Feel the eath shake as the dinasour stomps, watch out for the hatching dinosaur. Load the ball into the jeep...great features to keep you amused for hours! You wont find many of these about.






elvira. scared stiff pinball

Party on with ELVIRA! Scared stiff is a superb pinball (always rated within top 10) Based on cult American tv show, Horror orientated. Unlock the crature from the crate, slide the ball down the bony ramp. Great sounds, full dot matrix display with video mode and full diagnostics. Very sought after! Grab it while you can


Dr Who Pinball

Dr who and the daleks, everybodys seen the old series! 7 doctors? can you name them all? Dont worry about the pinball!

This is one of my favourites, easy to play, hard to master! Great sounds,great speech.Game suitable for the old or young, lots of fun.Playfield features time expander which raises to give more features.Full diagnostics, dot matrix display with video mode.


dr who pinball

all sold


Judge dredd pinball

Based on the comic hero judge dredd! Some great features on this one including up to 6 balls in play at one time!

lots of ramps, spinning ball catching world, great speech and sound effects.Could you handle 6 ball multiball feature?Full dot matrix display and auto diagnostics. Easy to play, hard to master! Suitable for young or mature players. Featured in the wide body cabinet .

judge dredd pinball

all sold

Who dunnit pinball


who dunnit

who dunnit playfield

A great game with great voice and sounds. Based on a cluedo type theme.Your the detective,find the suspect! Features "fruit machine reel feature" Nice condition this one and not seen too often. Great game with some great ball play.

all sold

Top 100 pinball list from pinside. Click to see how players have voted by machine name


All pinballs are used models.Workshopped typically means fully cleaned, wear parts replaced and fully workshop tested before sale. Price includes delivery/setup/demonstration anywhere UK mainland.

Please note. All machines are sold as nostalgic collectables and not as gaming machines. As such it is a requirement that we supply them on a free play basis only.

All except "un refurbished" or "sold as is" are sold with a one month return to base warranty& lifetime advice thereafter .













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