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Pool Table Playing Accessories and care products


2" triangles

plastic triangle for pool

simple 2"plastic triangle for 15 2" balls (pool) £12

oak triangle cherry triangle

Oak or mahogany 2" pool triangle for 15 2" balls (pool) £not available

plastic diamond for pool tables "Rack em up"

2" plastic "diamond" for american pool £8

2 1/4" plastic diamond for american pool £10


cue scuffer

Keyring Cue scuffer. (2 shown here for front and back view) strong belt hook and keyring . Nice brass 8 ball design with cue tip scuffer on the back. Scuff your new cue tip before chalking for maximum grip! £6


bulls eye

Easy use pool table level.... fine tune your table with help from this accurate level....a must have item for the serious player or for setting up tables quickly. Supplied with a guide to levelling and fine tuning instruction sheet written by ourselves. This handy level and instructions will help get your table spot on! £10

super level Proffessional Level checker

Hightly accurate, extremely sensitive (37 arc minutes)

circular vial mounted in a cnc cut aluminium spreader base. Available with or without mounting holes.( has smooth bevelled undersurface edge so it doesnt damage baise)

No expense spared on design and production of this model.Expensive yes,worth it-definately!

I designed this for those of you that require the ultimate in accuracy.Comes complete with our famous levelling guide to get your pool table spot on level.

£29 introductory price

Levelling shims/ floor protectors

levelling shims 3mm or 6mm

6" diameter levelling shim/flooring protector. Available in 3 or 6mm thickness.

Ideal protection for delicate floor finishes or use as a quick leveller pad. £10 per set of 4

Cloth Brush

cloth brush 9"

Keep your pool or billiard table cloth clean! 9" cloth brush with long nylon cushion bristles each end for cleaning the complete playing surface including under the cushion rails £8

pro cloth brush 12" Horsehair "professional"

Top quality horse hair brush for the perfectionist! 12" long suitable for all snooker and pool tables.Medium centre bristles, softer outer fluff bristles.Shaped for under cushion edge cleaning £29

Cloth napping iron (Dowsings iron)

dowsing iron

Suitable for man made or pure wool pool and snooker cloth. Keep your table nap perfect with a dowsing iron. Instructions supplied.230v. £299

You wouldnt believe the difference this makes!

Cloth Cleaner

cloth cleaner

Helps to remove most stains and chalk marks. Spray on, agitate,brush out. See the difference! £14 per tin.

Pool table covers

pool table cover

Universal lightweight green pvc cover. Keeping a pool/snooker table covered when not in use is essential especially if the area is dusty or subject to sunlight. We stock a range of covers in colours to suit you!

Universal fitting up to 9 foot tables.Green lightweight £18

Heavy duty brown universal up to 9ft £21

Fitted table Green covers also available 6ft or 7ft £18

7FT edge corner weighted cover .Green £20

6ft & 7ft blue fitted covers with spot/stripe ball print. very snazzy! £24

Really heavy duty 'leatherette' superleague 7ft only pool table cover. Brown 'leather' colour only.fully fitted stitched cover with superleague logo.The ultimate cover!

leatherette cover £42


brass spiderrest heads

Plated brass rest head. Features cloth saving feet and screw on fitting.

Brass / Chromed £12 each,

plastic rest heads £8 each.

57" rest sticks (tackle)for the above. Single piece ramin. Just screw the head on £15

cues/accessories links to view all available until page is finished

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