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The Brand New Mercury PREMIER LEAGUE pool table range

Not Everything is Black and White!

Please scroll down to see various Colour options


Snooker legend steve davies playing our mercury premier league table- he loved it!

Snooker legend Steve Davis playing Mercury Premier league 7ft

black on white table. Looks fantastic!

You dont have to play in the premier league to play our premier league

Shown above 7ft fitted with Black leather frame, black chromed corners, personalised art cloth option.

Choice of Steven Ireland (man city)

Étienne Capoue chose the mercury premier league

Shown above 7ft fitted with Black leather frame, teardrop bright chromed corners, Silver grey cloth option

The corner trimming was matching silver grey but reflected too much in the picture

Choice of Étienne Capoue (Spurs)


armand treore arsenal

Shown above 6ft fitted with Black leather frame, teardrop bright chromed corners, stunning black cloth option.

Choice of Armand Traore (Arsenal)

A special table made for Allan McGregor

A bit Funky! Illusion Blue

Added below are pictures to show customer colour choices. We are flexible!

Bright red cloth on a premier league pool table

Bright red cloth, Black leather and chrome over all white

bright orange hainsworth smart cloth over white premier league

7ft model- bright Orange cloth ,Black leather and chrome over White/Black. Tango'd !

mercury premier league pool table blue cloth and leather

Electric Blue cloth, Black leather with white piping and chrome over White / Blue

premier league pool table, nutmeg brown cloth modelled by Jessie

Shown above with chocolate leather frame and inserts over Nutmeg cloth

All white trimming over leather

Shown above with all white trimming, black leather cushion frame, chrome teardrop corners

Purple cloth mercury premier league

Stunning Purple cloth, Black leather with Black piping and chrome over White / Black

premier league black with plum cloth

Stunning Plum cloth, Black leather with Black piping and chrome over All Black

premier league silver with red cloth

Shown above Leather over silver, red cloth, chrome teardrop corners

stunning golden yellow cloth with black leather frame

Shown above Leather over white, Golden yellow cloth, chrome teardrop corners

premier league pool table with green cloth

Shown above Leather over white, Green cloth, Green trimming, chrome teardrop corners

premier league with paprika coloured cloth special order

Shown above Leather over white, Paprika cloth, Black trimming, chrome teardrop corners


Premier black with white trimming

7ft size. Black with white trimming, leather top. Deep red cloth

silver-grey premier league

Silver-Grey with Black leather Ultra Stiff Frame

black leather for modern styling

New . Black leather over chrome bar and 3 matching shades £215

(looks superb with mercury premier league table)

Just arrived. Black leatherette skirted dust cover for 7ft tables only. Exclusive to mercury £82

black leather pool table cover 7ft

Black leather cover (shown just after unpacking)

premier league with printed pool table cloth

Shown here Black leather with Custom printed cloth for Unique Sports Management



Strength: The tables strength is achieved by transferring all loads through solid vertical members to the sturdy evelling feet. This table wont rock and creak like some!

Style: Designed with clean lines to be pleasing and have a "wow" factor while being based on the classic UK pub design.The corner laminate inserts can be colour co-ordinated to match your room, club etc. Choose from Black, White, Green, Blue, Red, Silver,Purple, sterling silver, carbon fibre, oak, beech etc. Other colours on request.


Cad designed, CNC cut, jig built for an accurate game

Fully supported slate loads by vertical load braces for a true playing surface

The stiffest top cushion frame on the market for ultimate ball response. New 14 ply topframe for 2010 models onward

Colours available:

Cabinet colours: White texture (shown above), Blackpearl textured , Walnut Oak woodgrained,"brushed aluminium" Silver grey finish.


6 or 7ft £1175 with standard cloth colours: green or blue only

£1245 with special order "custom" cloth colours : Black, Gold, Silver grey etc.

£1495 with Bespoke printed cloth to customer order, names, logos etc.

Solid oak or ash varnished top frame add £200

Why not be really different and add an art cloth?

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What makes a pool table play well?

The answer to this is stiffness. "For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction". Even the slightest flex in the cabinet construction causes a lowering of ball rebound force

In pool table design this can be overcome by using the following rules.

The main cabinet base must not flex - we use a T box section construction to overcome flex in the longer spans. All jointing is Glued solidly not screwed

The Top cushion rail frame must not flex - we eliminate as much of this as possible using a 14 ply laminated birch construction in our top frame (mercury ultra stiff frame)

Cushions. Must be as stiff as possible, with tight tolerance fit to the cushion frame - we use tulip hardwood cushions which will not compress under load, Bolted tightly to our ultra stiff frame. This is matched perfectly with quality rubber of just the right hardness to give a great rebound.

Slate bed. Must be low in moisture content, Flattened ny honing, well supported across full span.- Our slates are cut and planed to tight tolerance in brazil or italy (we wont use chinese slate) They are fully supported by continuous vertical framing inside the base.

Tolerances: The slate to cushion tolerance distance must be correct. All our machining is done on highly accurate cnc machinery so every part fits together so the original design criteria can be met.

As the smallest UK

pool table manufacturer,

we pride ourselves

with our product

We can supply exactly

what you want to match

your decor.

Bespoke yours now!

. matching cue rack



all black premier league

Now available in Black

silver grey premier league

Now available in silver grey


" we are all so very pleased

with the table ,

it's the best I have seen

and played on,

the children have

become very popular

with there friends recently,

I wonder why????
Thanks again,
Pete and family"


all white cue rack to match premier league