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Accessories For Pool Tables

Virtually everything available from stock!

Pool balls 2" UK size

American pool balls. Spots & Stripes (stripes and solids)

Spots & Stripes

spots and stripes or kelly balls marbleised ball set 2 inch

A good quality spot and stripe ball set. 15 numbered 2" balls complete with 1 7/8" cue ball. Suitable for all the pool tables we sell and virtually every british pub style table manufactured. £29




Solid Oak Ball Rack- personalised (any text you want ) £60

Balls will not fall out even when tilted at 45 degree angle ! - made for standard UK 2" balls

Oak ball stand

Solid oak pool ball rack

Red and Yellow ball set

aramith  standard ball set marbleised reds and yellow pool ball set

Red and yellow ball set. 7 red,7 yellow, black 8 ball and cue ball. Standard 2" British size. Suitable for all British pub style tables and all tables we sell.

Budget set £29

Aramith Belgium quality balls. special offer at £49


Blue and Yellow ball set

blue and yellow pool ball set

Blue and yellow ball set. Standard 2" size for all our tables. Includes 7 blue, 7 yellow, cue ball and black 8 ball. £39.

Aramith quality set also available @ £69

Snooker ball set for pool tables

10 red snooker ball set

Good Quality snooker set for use on pool tables. All balls are 1 7/8" so that they will be returned to player . Suitable for use with ball return tables. £39.

2" balls also available which are better for freeplay tables (same size as standard pool balls) £42

2" Aramith top quality set with 10 reds for snooker on pool tables £89

More ball sets? click here

aramith pool ball cleaner

Are your balls clean? Aramith ball cleaning lotion 250ml. £15



2" triangles

2 inch 15 ball triangle for uk pool

simple 2"plastic triangle for 15 2" balls (pool) £10

2 inch 15 ball oak triangle 15 ball 2 inch mahogany pool ball triangle

Oak or mahogany 2" pool triangle for 15 2" balls (pool) discontinued

Mahogany 2" triangle . 10 reds triangle for snooker on pool tables £18

plastic pool diamond "Rack em up" wooden pool diamond

2" plastic "diamond" for american pool £8 2" maple diamond with mahogany inlay £24

2 1/4" plastic diamond for american pool £10

Snooker score boards



ornate 4 player score board snooker

ORNATE scorer. Nicely made wooden scorer for wall mounting . A lovely addition to your games room £59

simple snooker scorer mdf stained sorry out of stock

Wall hanging. 2 player simple snooker scorer.

Simple design, easy move slide markers. h:150mm w:490mm £24

more score boards ? Click here


pine wall cue rackAntique pine

Solid wooden two piece wall cue rack. Holds six cues safely and tidily. Attractive fluting to front face on lower holder, strong clips on top holder (requires drilling and screwing to wall, screws and plugs supplied) £19.99 Choose antique pine or dark mahogany colour when ordering

solid oak wall cue rackOak

Now available in solid oak as above £29


mahogany and brass clips cue rack

Solid wooden two piece wall cue rack. Holds six cues safely and tidily. Attractive fluting to front face on lower holder, strong & attractive brass coloured clips on top holder (requires drilling and screwing to wall, screws and plugs supplied) £25



freewheeler wall cue rack

The FREEWHEELER: Holds 6 cues tidily. Very strong,as used in pubs etc. Mounts at skirting height with 3 screws. BLACK ONLY £25

More cue racks? click here


dark finish cue rack

This is a must have for keeping your cues in good condition. Brand new and boxed (takes 2 minutes to assemble). Solid turned wooden centre spindles and bun feet. Holds 10 cues tidily and safely.(cue holes are lined with green baise) Freestanding so it can be easily moved for cleaning etc £85

Here at last:Mercury Solid beech and Mahogany cue racks

beech oak cue rack Click to enlargedark stained cue rack

This is a must have for keeping your cues in good condition. Brand new and boxed (takes 2 minutes to assemble). Solid turned BEECH/MAHOGANY centre spindles and bun feet, Veneered disks. Holds 8 cues tidily and safely. Freestanding so it can be easily moved for cleaning etc £125

Elegance Cue Rack. solid oak

elegance cue rack. to order only click to enlarge

Solid Chunky OAK cue rack. Holds 12 cues. Designed to perfectly match the new ELEGANCE pool table. Available to purchase alone too Discontinued sorry

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pine floor cue rackfloor cue rack dark stainedpine cue rack stained dark

A nice solid wooden free standing cue rack for your precious cues. Holds up to eight cues securely. Easily movable for cleaning around etc! Light or dark wood finishes available see pictures above.Please state colour required when ordering.Hand made in the UK. Cues sold seperately.

A superb accessory at just £65 made to order

Freestanding cue rack 3

full height cue rack. very heavythe square section can be removed

Superb Snooker cue rack to hold 10 cues. Stands 66" tall, suitable for minimum length of 54" cues as full height rack or remove the 20" square lower section for use with 36" and 48" only cues. A practical and stylish piece of gamesroom furniture. Made from solid wood mahogany stained. £109

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8 ball cue rack £145

Replacement coin mechanism

esd or straight 6 coin mechanism new

Superb quality coin mechanism for long lasting service. Takes any combination of British coins 10p,20p50p and £1 coin. Easily adjusted for new play pricing. Fits all coin tables we sell and will directly replace old triplex flat mechanisms . £69

Second user straight 6 mechanism tested and set for any UK coinage 10p upwards £29 each.

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brass spider rest headrest heads in brass, chrome or nylon

Plated brass rest head. Features cloth saving feet and screw on fitting. Brass / Chromed £12 each, plastic rest heads £8 each.

57" rest sticks for the above. single piece ramin. Just screw the head on £12

2 piece long tackle for rest heads £15

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lighting bar with green shades

The finishing touch to any good pool room is the lighting! This is an elegant brass plated lighting bar with chains and ceiling cups supplied. We stock shades in green as shown here, blue or red (all opaque).Or green, blue or red non opaque (allows light through shade)

Price including shades £120.

brass lighting bar fitted with brass shadesor brass plated and lacquered £130

Also available in chrome plated (new item) £130 including 3 chrome (opaque),green, red or blue shades.(non opaque)

chromed lighting bar with bright chrome shades


Huge new lighting section CLICK HERE


A simpler design of lighting bar finished in chrome. Ideal for the minimalistic or modern environment. Supplied with 3 plastic shades which allow the colour to shine through when switched on. Shades stocked in green, blue or red £120


Cloth Brush

nylon pool cloth brush 9"

Keep your pool or billiard table cloth clean! 9" cloth brush with long nylon cushion bristles each end for cleaning the complete playing surface including under the cushion rails £8

horse hair professional pool table brush 12" Horse hair "professional"

Top quality horse hair brush for the perfectionist! 12" long suitable for all snooker and pool tables.Medium centre bristles, softer outer fluff bristles.Shaped for under cushion edge cleaning £19

More cloth care? click here

Cloth napping iron (Dowsings iron)

pool and snooker table cloth iron

Suitable for man made or pure wool pool and snooker cloth. Keep your table nap perfect with a dowsing iron. Instructions supplied.230v. £299

Cloth Cleaner

cloth cleaning spray

Helps to remove most stains and chalk marks. Spray on, agitate,brush out. See the difference! £10 per tin.

Pool table covers

green pool table cover

Keeping a pool/snooker table covered when not in use is essential especially if the area is dusty, damp or subject to sunlight. keeps the cat off it too!

Universal fitting up to 8foot tables.Green £18

Brown universal up to 9ft £21

Fitted table green covers also available 6ft or 7ft £18

7FT edge weighted cover green £20 suitable for bar billiards too.

6ft & 7ft blue fitted covers with spot/stripe ball print. very snazzy! £24

ball print pool table cover keep the dust and sunlight away!

Really heavy duty 'leatherette' superleague 6ft or 7ft pool table covers. Brown 'leather' colour only. Fully fitted stitched cover with superleague logo on one side.The ultimate cover!

leatherette pool table cover £58

*New* MERCURY Black leather (manmade leather effect) UK 7ft only pool table cover. Top quality with 6" 150mm overhanging side skirt similar to above. Top quality Mercury leisure exclusive £88


clock 1

clock 2

clock 3

Love pool?? Then why not treat yourself to a pool time clock. I've had one of these in my office for over 7 years and its a great timekeeper and good talking point. Brand new and boxed.11" diameter.Requires one AA battery. If ordering please state which image top, centre or bottom. £29


dart boad clock

Darters clock (dont throw darts at it please) £29

Beech triangle clock

fantastic quality beech triangle clock

This is a gorgeous timepiece! 18" high (20" side length).Solid wood with green cloth background

Half cut full size balls make up the digits. Quartz accuracy.AA battery powered. £49

More novelty items? click here

neon lit 8 ball clockRoll mose cursor over image to see it in dark!

Neon ring 8 ball clock.

Very attractive quartz 8 ball clock powered by 1 aa battery. (neon requires 230v. power adaptor supplied) £64 Looks superb!

UK 8 ball Pool Rules

framed pool rules uk

Stop the arguments! The latest official Full uk 8 ball rule set. Framed in an industrial brushed stainless locking frame with polycarbonate cover. Ideal for pub, club office or home!

£25 framed.(requires screwing to wall etc) no longer available sorry (cant get any more polycarb frames)

also available unframed BAPTO approved official rule sheet,A3 size requires framing£10



8 ball keyring

Love pool?? Then why not treat yourself to a lucky 8 ball key ring? 20mm split ring and flat curb chain connected to a shiny 8 ball (8 on both sides). £3 Also available in standard ball colours numbers 1-15 £4 each. please state number required when ordering!

8 Ball novelty lighter

8 ball lighter

8 ball lighter lit

Looks like an 8 ball. Press in the 8 and its a lighter! Refillable with standard lighter butane. Electronic piezo spark. £8

Wobbly 8 Ball

2 1/4 inch wobbly black ball

A brand new black 8 ball for pool.....with a difference! When it rolls it wobbles! Swap this onto the pool table when your opponent isn't looking , stand back and laugh as they try and get it in the pocket.(i couldn't do it).. size 2 1/4 inch. (slightly larger than an ordinary ball so you don't get mixed up) £6. sorry out of stock at present


wobbly trick cue ball

Wobbly cue ball. as above but standard UK 1 7/8" size. as used on all tables we sell. This is a weighted ball which will not run true. great fun! The most fun you can have for £15. very hard to get! great fun after a few beers!!!!!


We supply pool cloth to refurbish your table. Looking scruffy or just fancy a change of colour? Available only in cut slate and cushion set. Colour choice of Green, Blue or Burgundy from stock. Cloth is short napped for a fast game, but not uncontrollable like a nylon speed cloth. This is the same cloth as you would get on a refurbished table from us, we use it for commercial covering so we know it lasts and plays superbly!

6ft slate and cushions £91 (top quality napped)

7ft slate and and cushions £108 (top quality napped)

other sizes/colours and qualities can be quoted for.



Cloth glue

pool cloth adhesive glue

Dont use an inferior glue on your table! This one grabs fast and holds on! cheap contact adhesives are great when the cloth is put on, but can "let go" when ageing. Not good on a tensioned cloth! how many tables have you seen that have saggy cloth or a bent baulk line?

well worth the extra!! £12 per tin (enough to do approx 3 tables)


Ramin. PUB/CLUB one piece cues. These are the cues supplied as standard with all pool tables supplied by us. They use a standard 11mm screw on tip which is really quick to replace. stocked sizes 36", 48",53" 57" all one price £8 each

MERCURY SPECIAL ** Buy any 4 for £25**

11mm screw on tips for club style cues 50p each or £20 box of 100

ASH. PUB/CLUB one piece cues. These are ash good quality cues which are suiltable for any pool tables supplied by us. They use a 10mm screw on tip which is really quick to replace. stocked sizes 36", 48",53" 57" all one price £22 each

MERCURY SPECIAL ** Buy any 4 for £75**

10mm screw on tips for club ash cues 50p each or £20 per box of 100


executive ash cue

Our EXECUTIVE 2 piece cue. Made from the finest ash for a stiffer shaft, features superb splice and brass joint (so good that the grain matches when screwed together) 10mm elkmaster tip for superb accuracy. A real players cue supplied in a lined "Triangle" hard case to keep it in good condition when not in use. Go on .... improve your game! £120

centre joint brass



Executive Cue 2. 3 piece cue. same spec but with the added removable butt and a 18" extension again all supplied in a triangle lined hard case . Fantastic for those who play pool and snooker! uses an elkmaster 10mm blue tip. £145.

MERCURY SPECIAL*** Only £75 if purchased with a pool table from us***

Carbon graphite cue

carbon graphite pool cue click picture to enlarge

Fantastic carbon-graphite cue 57"

Features 9.5mm precision tip, weighted 18 to 20oz, Brass centre joint with joint protectors supplied. Comes complete with soft or hard tube case. you choose!

price £65



1.budget ash cue 1


2.budget ash cue 2


3.budget ash cue 3


4.budget ash cue 4

See pictures below for matching joint detail and tip detail

cue with matched grain ash

Superb 2 piece 57" ASH pool cue. Full matching grain joint (made from one piece of selected ash for a firmer , more accurate shot). Superb rosewood spliced butt with decal finish. If ordering please choose picture for butt finish please state position from top ie. 1 to 4..... FREE soft leatherette carry case!!!!!! Please dont let this low price put you off... these cues are made at the same factory as our exec cues, superb quality, superb value!! superb accuracy 10mm tip. (a cue is a cue you say?? certainly not! everyone who has used one of these has been impressed at the improvement they make instantly in their game) Similar cues sell at over £75 in sports shops etc.

MERCURY special offer price £55 each!!!10mm cue tips

Replacement tips

10mm tips glue on

Blue diamond tips. 10mm for budget ash/exec cues require glueing onto cue £5 for pack of 3

11mm screw on tips for club style cues 50p each or £20 box of 100

Budget "RILEY" ramin 2 piece cue only £15.. Great budget cue for pool. Brass centre joint. Length 57" fitted with 11mm tip



Cue towel

pool cue towel keep your cue clean!

Cue towel. 18"by 9" approx. £8

Pool/Snooker CHALK

chalk colours for pool

Chalks. Box of 12 good quality chalk brands superpro or empire available in 3 colours green, blue or red

(choose the colour to match your cloth)

Box of 12 cubes £8

Gross box (144 cubes) £40

Specialist pool cue chalk colours. only from MERCURY in UK

Now available Black cue chalk, purple cue chalk, tan cue chalk, grey cue chalk, rust cue chalk

lots of other colours available. please enquire if your cloth colour isnt listed

all priced at £12 per box of 12 cubes

Use the right chalk colour for your pool baize!

Chalk suspended holder

pool table chalk holder

Soap on a rope...NO ..Chalk on a rope! Rubber holder with strong nylon cord to attatch to table. Always find your chalk, and it doesnt end up in the pockets to cause problems!

Colour red only £4 each


cue tip scuffer and shaper

Keyring Cue scuffer. (2 shown here for front and back view) strong belt hook and keyring . Nice brass 8 ball design with cue tip scuffer on the back. Scuff your new cue tip before chalking for maximum grip! £6


pool levelling kit

Easy use pool table level.... fine tune your table with help from this accurate level....a must have item for the serious player or for setting up tables quickly. Supplied with a guide to levelling and fine tuning instruction sheet written by ourselves. This handy level and instructions will help get your table spot on! £10

cnc accurate pool table levelling kit New product .Top Quality!

Hightly accurate, extremely sensitive (37 arc minutes)

circular vial mounted in a cnc cut aluminium spreader base. Available with or without mounting holes.

No expense spared on design and production of this model.Expensive yes,worth it-definately!

I designed this for those of you that require the ultimate in accuracy.Comes complete with our famous levelling guide to get your pool table spot on level.

£29 introductory price

Levelling shims/ floor protectors

floor protection shims 3mm or 6mm

6" diameter levelling shim/flooring protector. Available in 3 or 6mm thickness.

Ideal protection for delicate floor finishes or use as a quick leveller pad. £10 per set of 4


pool foot, leg leveller

Replacement foot leveller for most uk made tables. Standard M12 thread.

Available in strong plastic: black, brown or chromed finishes. Are your siezed/bent then you need some of these! You cannot level a table correctly if the feet are siezed or threads are damaged!

£12 each or £40 set of 4

replacement "superleague" all metal feet £15 each £50 set of 4.

m12 threaded base plate 75*50mm £10 per 4


easy move pool table trolley

Easy move pool trolley £229....makes moving any pool table simple. just lift 2 handles and push!

Ex rental models sometimes available £150 styles may vary from above but all do the same job

Klik here for our special offers

Click here to place an order.we will email you back with total with p&p and a payment link for secure payment

All prices are plus postage and packaging

(charged by weight using royal mail or TNT overnight)just email for a quote


(any accessory free delivery if delivered with a pool table from us)





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