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Bespoke dining table or pool table


With great thanks to previous customers for taking the time to take some great pictures of their new table shown below.

various similar shots shown as oak shows different colours in camera under different light conditions.

Price? can be seen here

Shown above. Natural oak finish with striking purple baise.

clean side view

"Just wanted to say many thanks for the wonderful “Cube” table that you created for us. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture, which not only looks great as a dining table but is a superb pool table of the highest quality. It seems that sometimes you can have everything you want! A very happy customer J & Sarah "

fitted with dining top

ready for a game

7ft model seats 8 with ease

Shown here a 7ft table in natural White Oak

The finish on this is a 30% sheen satin , clear finish to show the beauty of the wood.

Jacobean stained Oak and stunning windsor red cloth

Cube 7 foot model with windsor red cloth , Stained jacobean Oak.

"Cuberack" Stained jacobean to match

"Could not be more pleased with the table. Quality service from the first enquiry to delivery. Thanks again "

Price? can be seen here

8ft Cube wenge finish

8ft cube wenge with dining tops

8ft cube.Solid oak pool and dining table uk

Shown above. 8ft size finished in wenge stain and customer requested special order 3 piece dining top.

" The table plays beautifully with the fast cloth, and being present during the assembly the craftsmanship was exceptional.
It truly is the centrepiece which finished our new extension."

cube pool table with carved sides

It was a pleasure to manufacture and supply this table- something a bit different.

"Thank you so much for the amazing Cube Table you made. The craftsmanship was incredible with precision and care taken when delivering and assembling the table.
In addition the engraving down both sides, in memory of my mum has finished it off to perfection.
Thank you for getting it to us just before Christmas, we have had many hours of fun playing pool and managed to seat 10 around it for Christmas lunch.
This is one piece of furniture that will be kept for ever and allow the memories of lost ones to live on through our enjoyment.
Thank you so much.
Kate and family"

cube-purple cloth, carved with bespoke script font

quote carved pool table

Yet another Bespoke carving done for a customer

Solid oak mecury CUBE pool table & dining table

Cube 7 foot model in traditional Green cloth and natural Oak, finished satin.

Shown with new solid Oak "pye" bench seats- Store under the table

Bespoke Cube pool dining table with solid oak bench seats

6ft cube pool table shown with 6 chairs

Shown here 6ft model in natural oak and finished with nutmeg cloth.

End view of 6ft mercury cube pool table

"Everyone enjoyed playing on the table last Sunday, they all thought it was superbly crafted. We are very pleased and look forward to many happy hours of pool also thanks again for getting the table to us in time."

Price? can be seen here

Cube 6ft model with nutmeg cloth

6ft model shown above


ball tray of solid oak

"Thank you very much for the first class cube you brought for us, a marvellous piece of workmanship which we are thrilled with.The pool table plays as good as any tournament table and a smart piece of furniture aswell.
Compliments to you for the long journey to deliver for us and time taken for perfect assembly , we are delighted."

Cube solid oak pool table with grey smart cloth

7 Ft model with Silver-Grey cloth.


"I just wanted to pop you a line to say thank you!  We absolutely love the pool table and it is getting a lot of use!  It is great to have something to draw our teenage son out of his bedroom and away form his X Box!  "

Ice Cube pool table in powder blue cloth and solid white oak

White oak cube 7ft model shown with powder blue cloth

solid oak pool dining table with gunmetal smart cloth

Shown above: 7ft cube with "gunmetal" cloth and natural oak finish


All of our own brand dining pool tables are made here in Wales, UK
All of the outside framework is made from solid Oak with a minimum thickness of 20mm
All timber is selected by us and only A Grade timbers are used.
Interior framework and tensioning frame is made from fully interlocking laminated birch
We take as much care on the interior design of the table as the outside
Each one is totally hand finished and polished to customer order.
Unlike any of the imported tables- every part is top quality
Baise by Hainsworth, Italian cut 19mm slate, Finest rubber for cushions
Everything else used we manufacture to ensure quality control.

hainsworth smart silver grey

Shown above 7ft model finished natural oak fitted with silver grey cloth

"Your service was impeccable and the quality of goods exceptional"


We needed a dining table, but i wanted a pool table!

"We absolutely love the table. It is beautifully made and looks stunning. The care taken in assembling the table was impressive. We are delighted with it. Thank you"

darker corner view

Solid oak designer cue rack for pool and snooker cues

New Matching cue rack "cuberack" now available to order with your pool table. 290 * 700mm

low end view

When dining- the ball tray totally retracts to give full leg room all around the table

Cube 7ft shown with "cadbury purple" cloth

Shown above and below 7ft in natural oak finish fitted with "cadbury purple" cloth.

Solid oak pool table

Shown here with solid oak push under benches . These are very strong and easily seat 3 people !

English Oak 2" pool table triangle rack


darker side view


8ft Cube pool table fitted with nutmeg cloth. Bespoke  order

Shown above and below 8ft model in natural oak finish fitted with hainsworth smart Nutmeg cloth.

This table can seat 12 persons around it comfortably for banquet dining. Note the ball tray totally retracted for dining.

Price? can be seen here

contempory pool table and dining table combination.

8 ft model easily seats 10 to 12 people in comfort. see picture below.

8ft cube pool table dining table shown with 10 chairs

alternate side view

Simple lines- modern styling - plays exceptionally well- with no compromises

playtime view

Solid Oak Luxury pool tables, Modern dining table combination.

As a quality dining table- who would know what lies beneath ?

solid oak pool dining table

New model MERCURY CUBE is now in production!

** Only available direct from us- Accept no inferior copies of our products **

Solid Oak outer construction frame and legs, 19mm precision cut slate, fully laminated and tensioned inner hardwood frame, Outstanding rebound from competition specification cushions. Exact league playing size slate, pocket cut and cushion rail shape !

Available in 6ft 7ft and 8ft sizes with UK pocket size. Exact UK league playing sizes

Hidden levelling system

Hidden pull out ball return drawer gives Full leg room on every side of the table

170mm leg and frame section , Cloth colour choice

leg room under table 600mm , dining height 790mm, playing height 770mm ( just right- in every way )

Now silent padded for quieter ball runs!

Rise and fall questions?

Rise and fall is not required on our tables. All tables we manufacture are at UK pool league specification. The playing surface height is as specified for uk pool. (770mm top of cushion) unlike some who manufacture tables that are at the old snooker play height but this is way too high for UK pool. The dining height is at 790mm which is average dining table height in the uk.

Guide pricing:(All prices are inclusive of playing accessories)

6ft CUBE (Smaller league size for those tight on space) Priced as 7ft model below

(will seat 6-8 people )

7ft CUBE (UK full league size) Solid oak pool table £4499 (with cloth colour choice)

Flush fitting Dining top 2 piece ( veneered )Finished with solid oak 40mm framing add £549

(will seat 8 people comfortably , not available as a seperate item))

Staining finish from clear natural oak to customer requirements add £290

Overall dining dimensions 7ft size 2200mm long 1294mm wide


8ft CUBE Solid oak pool table £4999 (with cloth colour choice)

Flush fitting Dining top 2 piece (veneered) Finished with solid oak 40mm frame add £650

(will seat 10 -12 people comfortably, not available as a seperate item)

Staining finish from clear natural oak to customer requirements (ie. darker) add £370

Overall dining dimensions 8ft size 2490mm long 1430mm wide


As all our tables are made to customer specification only, estimated maufacturing times cannot be guaranteed. Its ready for delivery when its perfect ! . please enquire for estimated manufacturing time.

UK finest bespoke and contempory pool tables

Accept no inferior copies of our products. All quotes in italics shown are genuine quotes from our previous genuine customers.

Solid Oak benches. Made to compliment the cube table. Very sturdy! Store under the table.( unlike chairs which need to go to the edge of the room when playing) 45mm thick.

End benches 600*300*450mm £299 each

Side benches 1650*300*450mm £499 each ( suit 7ft model)

Solid Oak pool table benches

Cube benches store under the table when playing pool or not in use.



Staining to customer order colours:

Sample stain colours for your pool table on american oak

from top to bottom:

1. natural oak (clear)

2.. light walnut

3. Chestnut

4. Jacobean

5. Wenge

We can also quote to make this table in solid Ash, Teak, or Walnut.

* Woodstain: please note
we can supply wood samples to you which
will show an approximate colour of the finished product.
Wood accepts stain in varying degrees, as
some parts of the grain are tighter than others.
It can also look "shadowy" where the wood grain
changes direction- especially in/out of the visible surface.

Click here to enquire or place an order today

All images and text copyright mercury leisure 2002-2018

Cloth colours available

In all our table designs the goal is to make sure it looks right and plays exceptionally! its no good purchasing a bespoke pool table if it gives a dull cushion thud or a roll off which has to be adjusted with wood shims like some other so called bespoke pool table manufacturers! With over 30 years in the pool table industry we know what to do. Our tables are tensioned perfectly, all frame components interlocked for stability,

Pool table sizes:

In the UK the most poular size is 7ft *4ft (this is the nominal overall length of the table). This is the size you would normally play in a pub or at competition level. The 6ft model is a foot shorter but only 3" narrower so is the choice of those with shorter room sizes. The 8ft model is a bit of a rarity in the UK but has been favoured by those who like to play snooker too. All are played with a 2" ball size which is perfect for the standard uk pocket size. All of our tables have Uk league specified pocket sizing.

Uk Pool tables tables traditionally have a napped cloth (like a snooker table) where the weave of the cloth allows the ball to travel down the table (away from the break off point) faster than it will return up the table giving greater ball control. Unlike American tables which use a nylon based speed cloth which the ball travels at the same speed in all directions. American tables also use a larger pocket.


Solid Oak Ball Rack- personalised (any text you want ) £60

Balls will not fall out even when tilted at 45 degree angle ! - made for standard UK 2" balls

Oak ball stand

Solid oak pool ball rack



Pool tables UK



Solid 19mm slate bed

Solid hardwood outer frame

Fully tensioned inner frame

Hidden easy level system

Finish to customer spec.

supplied with free play accessories

6 ,7 or 8 foot league specification

Easily dismantled for moving home

Proudly made in Wales !



























"Went to Austin's tonight to

view his table.

He's a really top bloke by the way,

as you already know.

Anyway, his table looks, feels,

and plays (we played race to 1 frame!)

absolutely fan-bloody-tastic!

Love the clunk and roll of the ball on

wood when you pot compared to that

of your standard pub pool table,

it really adds to the experience.

So, having seen it in the flesh I can

definitely say I want you to start working

on building myself one in the

exact same specification "










































These tables are built with a mix

of traditional and modern jointing

methods to make a table that

will last generations!

proudly made in Great Britain




we show lots of pictures of our

solid wood tables as wood can look

different in every shot in camera.

the Oak has a nice colour mix to it

which can vary from yellow through to

black in the grain.

The darker the wood the harder it is!

Colour can vary greatly even

throughout a single plank so

all matching can be done roughly by eye only..

The true finished colour - we only see

as the lacquers start to get applied.