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Star Trek Next Generation Pinball

manufacturer williams

year 1993

our playability rating 9/10


A classic pintable based on the Star Trek tv series. Fantastic sounds and voices of captain jean luc picard, mr data and other charactors as the game plays.


Fantastic features including 6 ball multiball feature, 2 moving firing cannons,kickback and plenty of sub routine games like time rift, search the galaxy,rescue and qs millions. This is an enthralling game to play and with its many features will provide long term interest.

easy to play but some shots like getting the ball into the top "borg lock" will take some mastering!

Features full dot matrix display, 3 flippers,6 ball multiball feature,and of course williams pinball full auto fault diagnostics.

this view shows the playfield


All our pinballs are supplied with the latest program roms, fully workshopped, cleaned and re rubbered.


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hidden feature i bet you wouldnt find unless i told you!

Notable Features: Secret video mode was revealed by Dwight Sullivan after 11 years:

The code to get this video is 0248, which means press B R LL R LLLL R LLLLLLLL RR with the flipper buttons. (B=Both flipper buttons at the same time, L=Left flipper button, R=Right flipper button)

After this nothing seems to happen, but when the option to enter the holodek or get points is offered by the game, hold the gun trigger and press the right flipper button.

The video mode "Poker" with Riker is now changed to a Breakout game with 5 lives after which the game returns to normal play



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