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Twilight zone pinball machine

Remember the twilight zone series? This superb pinball is based on it. What a machine!

Probably the most feature packed pinball ever made with lots of playfield toys, ramps and features to keep you mesmerised for ages! (its the most patented machine ever produced)

Some of the twilights features include: Working GUMBALL machine as pictured below which spits the ball out

Full crazy clock which tells the normal time during attract mode and tells the "games feature"time during game play


4 normal flippers and 2 extra "magna flippers" on mini long can you keep the ball in this area?

Of course a multiball feature.. but more importantly a "powerball" which is a lighter non magnetic ball which plays a lot faster!

Full dot matrix display, auto diagnostics, fantastic sampled voices and sounds make this a fantastic pinball machine

This machine is definately in the top 5 most asked for from us! Very collectable!

condition 8/10 £2695 Playfield excellent



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