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Bespoke pool table to customer colour choiceWhy choose Mercury Leisure?

We deliver all UK every week.

Sales of pool tables and accessories,Bar billiards, air hockey, pinball, football tables, jukeboxes, gaming tables and table tennis.

We hold large stocks for fast delivery anywhere in the UK or export to anywhere in Europe.


Bespoke Luxury Pool Table Manufacturing UK:

As the UK' s smallest pool table manufacturer we are obliged to offer you something different, built to the highest standards on our up to date cnc equipped workshop.

Top Quality products designed and made for you.

If you can't see a pool table to suit you ? ask us to build to your own design or colour choice.

Our material of choice is Oak- long lasting and very stable which will last for generations of fun !

modern and different!

Our policy is to offer top quality products and show our pricing on our web portal.

We dont mass produce or sell through drop shippers - We prefer to produce quality not quantity !


We can also undertake custom joinery work to the highest standards too. an example of our work can be found here



Quality equipment, Reliable service, Sensible pricing = Mercury Leisure

A quote is an email or phone call away!


Mercury Leisure